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Artisan Cheese

Our FAB Region has the infrastructure to support artisan cheese-making

Artisan Foods

Condiments, flours, artisan cheeses, charcuterie...

Craft Beer, Ciders, Distilling, Beverages

Distilling, brewing, cider making...

The Food and Beverage (FAB) Region partners are pleased to announce a new video series showcasing four craft brewers in their region – 555 Brewing Co., Bancroft Brewing Co., The Napanee Beer Company and Wolfe Island Spring Craft Brewery. The videos may be viewed here.   The goal of the video series is to raise awareness of the FAB Region through profiling some emerging craft breweries.

In late 2013, in anticipation of the craft brewery boom,the FAB team developed a downloadable handbook on “How to Start A Craft Brewery” as a way to offer supporting resources to aspiring craft brewers and to generate leads and interest in the region. The videos are yet another tool the team has created to support startups.   In their interviews, the brewers provide advice to new brewers, discuss what they would do differently, the most difficult obstacles they faced when starting out and where they see the industry going.

Ontario’s Food and Beverage (FAB) Region is an investment marketing partnership structured to attract and grow small scale (artisanal) food and beverage businesses.   The partners are the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) and the Counties of Hastings, Prince Edward, and Lennox and Addington. The partners strategically focused on craft brewing in 2013 based on both the region’s agricultural and tourism strengths and growth in the sector.   Now today, with over 20 breweries and counting, the economic development offices have proved an excellent resource for new business inquiries and those looking to start a craft brewery. This initiative has been supported by the Frontenac CFDC, the Counties of Hastings, Prince Edward and Lennox and Addington and the Community Futures of North and Central Hastings and South Algonquin.

For more information contact

Trevor Crowe, Prince Edward County 613.476.2148 ext: 2504  TCrowe@pecounty.on.ca

Stephen Paul, County of Lennox and Addington 613-354-4883 ext 3234 or spaul@lennox-addington.on.ca

Andrew Redden, County of Hastings 613.966.6712 ext. 4011 reddena@hastingscounty.com

Anne Prichard, Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation 613-372-1414 Ext. 204 or anne@frontenaccfdc.com


–          30 –

For more information contact

Anne Prichard

Executive Director

Frontenac CFDC

613-372-1414 Ext 204


The Township of Stirling-Rawdon is selling their former Public Works Building.  The site was also once home to the Township’s police services and administration office.

Investment opportunity in Stirling

Investment opportunity in Stirling










Stirling Building second photo










Perhaps this could be a location for a brewer or some other artisan food and beverage business.

Contact the sales representative for more information and view details on the property here.

Ontario’s artisan Food and Beverage (FAB) Region is a unique economic development partnership between the counties of Hastings, Prince Edward, Lennox & Addington, and the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation.

It is a Great Place to Live and Work

The FAB Region is comprised of four counties, and is located between Toronto and Ottawa. With access to rich farm land, strong economies, as well as picturesque waterfront, the FAB Region possesses a unique landscape.


Amazing Food from Local Producers

The FAB Region is a hub for local food producers and consumers, whether you’re an individual, family, or business.

Grow and Use Their Own Hops

Many FAB breweries grow and harvest their own hops, but there are also many hop growers located within the region as well!

MacKinnon BRothers

Support Other Craft Breweries

The FAB Region has become a hub of craft breweries, and we love when they take the time to promote and support one another!
County Canteen

They Get Involved with Local Events

The craft breweries in the FAB Region are well known for supporting local events, as well as hosting fabulous events. These breweries really love the communities in which they reside!

Many New Breweries Opening

The growth of craft breweries in the FAB Region continues to grow and expand! It is exciting to learn of entrepreneurs who have made the decision to open a brewery in this wonderful region. Thinking of starting a brewery? Click here.







FAB Region - Blog Post - Oct 14

If you’re an aspiring brewmaster and working towards opening your own craft brewery, microbrewery, or nanobrewery, you’ll want to check out the iCraftBrew PDF.

The iCraftBrew is a free PDF handbook designed to help you open a craft brewery in the FAB Region (i.e. Hastings County, Lennox & Addington County, Prince Edward County, Frontenac CFDC).

Here are the main topics found within the iCraftBrew PDF:

Preparing For Your Brewery

Before delving into any business venture, it is important to determine the potential market size. In the case of craft beer, the Ontario Craft Brewer’s market share for premium priced brands has more than tripled since 2002, growing from less than 1% to over 3% of the beer volume sold in Ontario and continues to be the fastest growing segment within the LCBO’s beer category. In addition, Ontario is now home to more than 100 craft breweries!

Once you have a grasp on the market, you will begin to develop your idea further. In this phase you will begin to ask many, many, many questions, like:

  • What are my objectives for entering the craft brewing industry?
  • Where do I want my brewery to be located? (In the FAB Region, of course!)
  • How much will it cost to launch my craft brewery?

Finally, you will develop a business plan. A business plan is important as it increases your chances of success by forcing you to consider every aspect of your business. The plan also serves as an on-going benchmark, allowing you to gauge success and plan for growth. The business plan is what investors, including banks, want to see in order to determine whether you and your business are good risks.

Setting-Up Your Brewery

Financing is a big question for many entrepreneurs. Download the app to review available financing –> Apple or Android.

Do you know all the regulations, licences, and permits required to properly operate a craft brewery? The FAB Region can assist you with determining and obtaining the applicable permits and licences in order to legally operate your craft brewery.

Will you rent or purchase the property for your craft brewery? Regardless, there are a number of considerations, including water supply, electrical wiring, square footage, ceiling height, and ventilation. Once you’ve found the perfect location, you will need to source the brewing equipment and supplies you need to brew your beer! The iCraftBrew PDF has a great list of equipment to get started.

Selling Your Craft Beer

It’s entirely possible to effectively market your craft brewery business without spending a fortune on traditional advertising. The iCraftBrew app will provide you with tips and information about marketing your new brewery, including branding, networking, and developing websites.

If you need further assistance, or would like to speak to someone in a specific region, please contact us!

iCraft Brew Blog

Frontenc CFDC: Anne Prichard, frontenac@fabregion.ca

Hastings County: Andrew Redden, hastings@fabregion.ca

Lennox & Addington County: Stephen Paul, landafabregion.ca

Prince Edward County: Neil Carbone, cdd@pecounty.on.ca

East Central Ontario, between Toronto and Kingston, is home to several unique and interesting craft breweries. Here are why craft breweries in East Central Ontario are FABulous.

1. They Throw Festivals

To celebrate their first anniversary, the MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. decided to organize “Back-to-the-Farm,” a day of craft beer, local music and food, and fun with friends. The event touted its own Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as the hashtag, #BackToTheFarm.

What a day! Thanks to all of our volunteers, bands, workers, and friends! #cheers #backtothefarm #macbrosbrewco Photo credit: Jurriaan Vandenberg

A photo posted by MacKinnon Brothers Brewing (@mackinnonbrewing) on


2. They Support Local Organizations

The folks at Barley Days Brewery are never too busy to support a local organization, like the Children’s Mental Health Fundraiser held in Prince Edward County earlier this summer.

Thank you to #BarleyDaysBrewery for supporting Children’s Mental Health Fundraiser #princeedwardcounty A photo posted by Hurley Law LLP (@hurleylawllp) on


3. They Always Have a Bottle Opener

The fine folks at Church-Key Brewing always have a spare bottle opener… or two.


4. Offering Awesome Beverage Flights

Can’t choose just one? The County Canteen offers flights of beer, also known as the Canteen Beer Flight. Cheers!


Enjoying a flight at @thecountycanteen! #PrinceEdwardCounty #beer


A photo posted by J.J. Sommer (@jj.sommer) on

5. They Have Sweet Swag

The breweries in East Central Ontario, like County Road Beer, have created some awesome swag that you’ll want to have! You can even shop online!

Have you visited a FAB brewery and would like to add something to the list? Let us know!











A heartfelt congratulations to the MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Company on their business’ first anniversary. Launched in 2014, the MacKinnon Bros. is a farm-based brewery located in Bath, Ontario. Brewmaster Daniel MacKinnon and partner Ivan MacKinnon have worked tirelessly renovating barns, planting hops, and malting barley to develop a craft beer to call their own.

To celebrate the brewery’s anniversary, the MacKinnon Brothers have organized “Back to the Farm,” a beer and music festival on Sunday August 23 from 3:00pm-10:00pm at 1915 County Road 22 in Bath, Ontario. The MacKinnon Brothers will be showcasing the brewery, local talent, and local food.

Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the gate. Everyone is welcome, and kids under 12 are free!

For more information, visit the MacKinnon Brother’s website.

Connect on Facebook or Twitter.





















Situated half-way between Toronto and Ottawa, the FAB (Food & Beverage) Region is making a name for itself in the world of craft beer. There are currently six breweries in operation, with another three scheduled to open in 2015. Below you will find a map and detailed listing of all the FABulous craft breweries!

Barley Days Brewery
13730 Loyalist Parkway, Picton, ON

Church-Key Brewing
1628 County Road #38, Campbellford, ON

Gateway Brewing Co.
33 Ontario Street, Trenton, ON

Lake on the Mountain Brewing Co.
264 County Road 7, Prince Edward County

MacKinnon Brothers Brewing
1915 County Road 22, Bath, ON

Bancroft Eatery & Brew Pub
4 Bridge Street, Bancroft, ON

Stay tuned! These craft breweries (below) will be in operation in 2015.

Fronterra Farm Camp & Brewery *Opening Soon*
242 North Beach Road (County Road 27), Prince Edward County, ON

County Road Beer Co. *Opening Soon*
1258 Closson Road, RR#1, Wellington, ON

The County Canteen *Opening Soon*
279 Main Street, Picton, ON

While many people instinctively think of pairing chocolate and wine, we wanted to learn more about pairing craft beer with chocolate. Earlier this week we asked local chocolate specialist, Ludwig Ratzinger of Fine Chocolate By Ludwig, about pairing his chocolate with craft beer. Here’s what Ludwig had to say. Cheers!


There are two varieties of my chocolate that would pair well with dark beer. Both of these chocolates pair nicely with Beau’s Tom Green Milk Stout or with Ashton Brewing Company’s Vanilla Stout.

1. Maracaibo Clasificado 65%

The Maracaibo Clasificado 65% couverture was named the best couverture by the Italian Pastry Academy. A pure Grand Cru Chocolate made of Criollo beans from Sur del Lago, Maracaibo, Venezuela. It has aromas of coffee and plum and notes of orange blossom, cinnamon and raisin. Read more!


2. Cru Sauvage 68%

Cru Sauvage made with 68% cocoa mass from wild cocoa beans come from the Amazon region of Beni, Bolivia. The substantial and harmonious cocoa flavors of the Cru Sauvage are well complemented with the freshness of the lemon and the fruitiness of the grapefruit. The traditional gentle processing method (60 hours conching) unfolds the intense dried prune bouquet and vanilla in its most exquisite way. The exceptionally pleasant fruit acidity and the long-lasting ending make the Cru Sauvage with its cocoa content of 68% a unique culinary experience. Read more!

Cru Sauvage

On October 30 Anne Prichard, Executive Director of the Community Futures Development Corporation (CFDC) and FAB partner, spoke about the FAB Region, including the iCraftBrew website and application at the Municipal Agriculture Economic Forum.

With the headline of There’s an App for That – Using Technology to Support and Grow Businesses in Rural Ontario, Anne spoke about developing resources and apps to support the development of food and beverage (FAB) businesses in East Central Ontario.


Ontario’s artisan Food and Beverage (FAB) Region is a unique economic development partnership between the counties of Hastings, Prince Edward, Lennox & Addington and the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation with a goal of helping entrepreneurs ‘live their dream’ of operating an artisan food and beverage business.

On October 19, the MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Co. was announced the winner of the 2014 Fall Cask Festival, hosted by Red House.

The Fall Cask Festival hosted eleven Ontario craft breweries. All voting took place by patrons in attendance at the event. The winner of the Fall Cask Festival were as follows:

1st Place: MacKinnon Brothers, Honey Fermented English Pale Ale
2nd Place: Amsterdam Brewery, Downtown Brown Ale
3rd Place: Stone City Ales, Ships in the Night Oatmeal Stout


The MacKinnon Brothers Brewery Co. is located in Bath, Ontario, which is apart of the County of Lennox & Addington, a partner of the Food and Beverage (FAB) Region.