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Artisan Cheese


Cheese production is close to 400,000 tonnes a year in Canada, a little over half being specialty cheeses.  Ontario accounts for about 30 per cent of the country’s total cheese production.

Operating at different times over the past 100 years, more than 100 cheese factories have dotted our local countryside.  One of our Counties even became trademarked as the “Cheese Capital of Canada” which is still in place today.

Interest in small-scale cheese-making is beginning to make a comeback in our FAB Region.  There is a re-affirmed commitment to local food, a new found respect for local environments, and consumer-led desire for the creation and consumption of nutritious, locally sourced foods. We estimate that small scale and artisan cheese sales in Ontario are approximately $300 million a year with estimated growth rates of as high as 20 percent.

Our FAB Region has almost everything needed to take the next step in the artisan cheese-making process: milk suppliers, experience and aspiring cheese makers, willing mentors and advisers, eager retailers and customers.  Now it’s time to put the process together, add some capital investment, and let the cheese making being.

If you would like to let us help you start-up your cheese-making dream, please contact us!