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Artisan Foods

Artisan foods – whether its hand crafted locally sourced cured meat products, or specialty condiments – has gone mainstream. It is ranked in the top five food trends and is particularly noticeable in breads, products based on small fruits, cheeses and hand-crafted cured meats.

This trend speaks to consumers’ concerns about health and sustainability, to chef’s preference to serve locally sourced foods and to specialty retailers interested in supporting local and regional artisan food producers. A recent study conducted by the FAB Region showed there is lots of room to grow and prosper, particularly in the categories of niche breads, processed cured meats, sugar free jams and jellies, dairy and confectionery products and artisanal cafes and food shops.

Do you have a passion for food and a dream to produce artisanal products? Please contact us today and we can help put you in touch with the right contact to get you started.