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Artisan Cheese

Our FAB Region has the infrastructure to support artisan cheese-making

Artisan Foods

Condiments, flours, artisan cheeses, charcuterie...

Craft Beer, Ciders, Distilling, Beverages

Distilling, brewing, cider making...

Contact Us

We are economic development specialists keenly interested in helping people live their dreams. if you have any interest in any aspect of artisan food and beverage production – from supplying milk for artisan cheese, equipment, facilities or training to financing – contact us. We will do whatever we can to make your dream a reality. In addition to the information on this website, we can put you in touch with people in and outside our region who can help you develop and implement your plan for living your artisan food or beverage production dream.

Please contact:

Anne Prichard, Executive Director
Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation frontenac@fabregion.ca