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Our FAB Region has the infrastructure to support artisan cheese-making

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Corbyville (just North of Belleville in Hastings County) is infamous for the distillery that once operated there.  A few historic structures remain and the new owner is interested in talking to someone who would like to locate a micro-brewery or micro-distillery there.

There are three buildings (see photos below), two of which have an area of about 4,000 sq feet each, while the other stone building is about 2,000 sq feet.  What is amazing about these buildings is the character and heritage.  They are also situated alongside the Moira River, they are adjacent to the populated urban areas of Belleville and the City of Quinte West, and it takes less than a 5 minute drive to get to the 401 highway.

The interior heights of the buildings are 18 feet.  While possibilities are many, it’s been thought that one building may be used for staging product, one for production and another for storage.

To see a slideshow on what once took place in Corbyville, checkout this video on YouTube.

For more information about this exciting opportunity, please contact Richard Courneyea at 613.968.4440 or at his work email workingapparel@sympatico.ca 

The Toronto Star today posted a story about Sophia Pantazi and Peter Stroz who spend their days tending the body, as radiologists in Toronto-area hospitals, and on weekends, they tend the spirit, as creators of boutique vodkas, gins and shochu, the Japanese liquor here in our FAB Region.

Check-out the full story here.

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