Startup Handbook

We have developed a new handbook that guides you through the cheese making process and the important steps involved. Here is a link where you can download the iPad App for those of you with an iPad or download a copy of the PDF version of the handbook and navigate it on your computer/laptop just like you would on an iPad. Keep in mind it is a rather large file so it may take some time to download if you have a slow Internet connection.

If you have any issues with it, don’t hesitate to contact us


The demand for Artisan Cheese isn’t slowing, according to a just published report.

Engaged by St. Lawrence, Loyalist, La Cite Collegiale and Algonquin colleges to examine artisanal cheese production and distribution in Eastern Ontario, the Expansion Strategies report had three objectives:

  • To assess the market awareness and demand for artisanal cheese in Eastern Ontario.
  • To determine what Eastern Ontario artisanal cheese producers need to learn in order to satisfy those demands.
  • To determine the ideal approach (college sector applied research and knowledge-delivery) in response to those needs.

Click Artisan Cheese in Eastern Ontario to access this report.