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Black River Cheese


Black River Cheese Company’s award winning cheese continues to gain loyal customers including Natural Health Food Stores and Specialty sections of supermarkets. They have a fine selection of naturally aged cheddar, mozzarella, brick, fresh curd, and flavored mozzarella specialty cheese and they only use animal free rennet.

913 County Rd 13

Picton ON K0K 2P0 CAN

(613) 476-2575, (888) 252-5787



Empire Cheese and Butter Co-Operative

The first Empire Cheese Factory was built in the late 1870s on the farm of John Haig who was the first cheesemaker. The second cheese factory was built just to the east of the present factory and some of the cheese makers in that plant were Tom Naylor, Charles Stephens, Jack Kitchen, Bob Maybee, and Les Shillinglaw. In the fall of 1952 the Kimberley Cheese Factory burned and in 1953 Empire and Kimberley amalgamated forming the current Empire Cheese & Butter Co-op. In the same year, the current cheese factory was built with Les Shillinglaw as the cheese maker. Les was followed by Don Pollock and our current cheese maker is Kevin Gibson.

Today, the Empire Cheese & Butter Co-op is the only cheese manufacturing plant left in Northumberland County and the first one east of Toronto ! We are now HACCP registered, the top of the heap in food quality standards.

RR5 1120 County Rd 8

Campbellford ON K0L 1L0 CAN

(705) 653-3187, (800) 461-6480



Ivanhoe Cheese Inc.

In continuous operation since 1870, Ivanhoe Cheese Inc. is the oldest company of its kind in Canada. Operated as a Dairy Co-operative until 1986, Ivanhoe gained its enviable reputation for distinctive quality through the manufacture of Aged Cheddar Cheese for both the export and domestic markets, in which it still participates today.

11301 Hwy 62 N

Madoc ON K0K 2K0 CAN

(905) 283-5222, (800) 268-0508


Maple Dale Cheese

At Maple Dale, good cheese is what we are all about and have been for over 100 years. The company, formerly known as Zion Cheese Manufacturing Co., was established in 1888 as a cooperative consisting of Dairy Farmers.

2864 Hwy 37 N

Plainfield ON K0K 2V0, CAN

(613) 477-2454



Ontario Water Buffalo Company

Martin Littkemann and Lori Smith live on a dairy farm just north of Stirling, Ontario. But they don’t milk cows…Martin and Lori have become the first farmers to milk water buffalo in Ontario.

Martin and Lori at present are shipping their milk to an Italian cheesemaker in Toronto, Ontario to be processed into authentic mozzarella di bufala. This cheese is very moist and spongey. It tastes great in Mediterranean dishes such as Caprese Salad, lasagna and pizza. The mozzarella is at its peak flavour and texture 24-48 hours after being made, however, it does keep well in the refrigerator after this time and can still be used in your favourite recipes.

3346 Stirling Marmora Rd.

Stirling, ON, K0K3E0 CAN



Wilton Cheese Factory

Aged Cheddar is our specialty.

We also have imported brands and gift boxes.

Fresh curd is available.

Fund-raising available.

287 Simmons Road,

Wilton, ON K0H 2H0, CAN

(613) 386-7314