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Craft Beer, Ciders, Distilling, Beverages

Whether your life’s dream is to own and operate a craft brewery, artisan distillery or produce hand crafted ciders, the FAB Region is an ideal location for you. Here in our FAB Region, residents, tourists, and locally owned restaurants and pubs share the growing interest in purchasing or serving premium, quality, local beverage products. We are strategically located in the middle of what many call the golden triangle of Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa and close to the 1000 Islands Bridge to the USA.

Recent published articles report that the craft beer industry in Ontario is booming! there are about 50 licensed craft brewers from the Ottawa Valley to South Western Ontario developing premium, high-quality beer based on their unique brewing styles. According to Ontario Craft Brewers, the craft beer market share has more than doubled since 2002 and continues to be the fastest growing LCBO beer segment with annual sales increases of 30-50 percent.

The Government of Ontario and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) has published their Guide to Starting a Craft Brewery in Ontario. The free 58 page guide covers topics ranging from business plans, financing, marketing, branding, insurance, brewing, government support and requirements, brewery design, packaging, labelling, retail and distribution, grants and more.

Currently in our region there is a functional beverage company, Boreal Brewing, as well as a craft brewery and a distillery that are both in the process of starting.

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