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Over 30 fabulous wines made in our region

Artisan Cheese

Our FAB Region has the infrastructure to support artisan cheese-making

Artisan Foods

Condiments, flours, artisan breads, charcuterie...

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Distilling, brewing, cider making...

Hastings County

Once trademarked in the late 1890s as the “Cheese Capital of Canada”, with more than 80 cheese factory locations (current and former) being identified, Hastings County is also home to the first farm in Ontario to milk water buffalo. Currently the milk is used by an Italian cheese maker in Toronto to make authentic mozzarella di bufala. There is even a Water Buffalo Festival in late August to celebrate this unique cheese.

Hastings is the second largest county in Ontario, spanning from the shores of the Bay of Quinte north to Algonquin Park. You can immerse yourself in the natural and physical beauty of the landscape while surrounded by creative and innovative entrepreneurs. These include artisan cheese factories, furniture makers, artisan food producers, live theater, multimedia producers and numerous artisans. Local agriculture and natural resources are adapting to a new economy, which supports revitalized main streets and high speed internet access.

Map of Hastings County

Hastings County